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Jogja Graffiti is an open project to collect photo documentation of the precious street graffiti artworks all around the city of Yogyakarta. We invite everybody to support and participate ini many different role available. Read further info in English or Bahasa Indonesia

Info in English

Yogyakarta City in Indonesia is a heaven for graffiti artists. There are no place in this country where graffiti artists are welcome to openly express their artistry endeavor. We can find so many works of graffiti art in the city's streets. Most of the work is very beautiful and high quality, scattered throughout the area of Yogyakarta. But most have been damaged, dropped or removed for various reasons. Make no mistake, the work is not the graffiti vandalism that also so vibrant flourishing, but seriously made artworks by serious artists.

We name this effort: Jogja Street Graffiti Artworks Open Documentation Project.

This project is open and based on community contributions. Admin project will document all graffiti photo submitted by anyone through the following channels:
  • Send your graffiti photos via email to jogjagraffiti@gmail.com (preferably in high resolution image format). If photos are not your own shots, please write down the original source of the photo and/or photographer. 
  • Tweet a photo of your graffiti along with the data & information, mention @jogjagraffiti and use hashtag (hashtags) #jogjagraffiti
Project Admin will upload all the photos of graffiti with the corresponding documentation requirements in http://jogjagraffiti.blogspot.com blog. The requirements are as follows:
  • It is recommended to take two photographs, the main photo and one or more supporting photo of the surrounding area. 
  • The main photo could reveal the circumstances surrounding but not more than 10% of the portion of the whole picture, while supporting photo actually put conditions around the graffiti work. 
  • The main photo should be taken on the position as much as possible perpendicular to the wall of graffiti (not skewed or taken from a sideways angle). 
  • Photos of graffiti does not contain the message opposing particular ethnic, religious, racial group, or violates applicable laws or regulations in Indonesia. 
  • Photos should be taken during the day or with enough light so that graffiti images appear clearly. 
  • Write the title of the work of graffiti, graffiti maker/artist, photographer (this should be you), location. All of these data are optional (if available). 
  • See an example of a standard photo here.
Besides, anyone can provide Project Amin about a graffiti artwork location info via email or Twitter mention. We will go to the location and do the shooting..

Graffiti Tourist Destination

We also provide recommendation of the best graffiti areas around the city of Yogyakarta where tourist can visit & enjoy the art and the surrounding. Here are our best picks:
Thank you for your attention and your contribution. All the best for you all.

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