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Jogja Graffiti is an open project to collect photo documentation of the precious street graffiti artworks all around the city of Yogyakarta. We invite everybody to support and participate ini many different role available. Read further info in English or Bahasa Indonesia


At the center of Yogyakarta hottest tourist spot, Titik Nol (Point Zero), at the southern-end of Malioboro Street, surrounded by Fort Vredeburg, Kraton Jogja and Presidential Palace, there are 3 statue of elephants that are destined to be a media for expression for everybody, mainly in graffiti form. Enjoy a close look in a morning walk with Jogja Graffiti.

Nandur Srawung Art Expo held in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Art Gallery) is displaying tens of graffiti pieces from top Jogja artists. The gallery building and its surrounding is suddenly bombed by spraying paint. It is a very interesting and provoking artistry display.

Jogja Haunted Graffiti Houses is a short video of several abandoned houses in North Ring Road, Yogyakarta. Theses houses than intercepted & occupied by Jogja Graffiti writers. This video is made in a spooky mood to show the world that graffiti bring joy to people.

Save Jogja Graffiti #jogjagraffiti warns us how a graffiti artwork could easily slipped into vandalism. Graffiti is an art activism which is aimed at adding beauty into our city, not ruining it. This video is filming the old electricity house in Kotabaru area.

Jogja city is full of many graffiti "hotspots", specific locations where wall bombers or graffiti artists are gathered & paint at the same location or area. In many occasions, they paint together at the same time. This is one of the hotspots, located just under a flyover at Kaliabu, West Ring Road, Yogyakarta. Amazing walk at a 50 meter long wall full of great artworks.

Other Documentation

Jogja is one of the centers of street art in Indonesia. This short documentary from MOCAtv features Digiesigit & Anti Tank Project trying to escape the bounds and exclusivity of art to raise a solidarity by working in public spaces.

The international event "Just Writing My Name" has been held two times in Jogjakarta, 2012 and 2013. Here are the video documentation.

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