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Jogja Graffiti is an open project to collect photo documentation of the precious street graffiti artworks all around the city of Yogyakarta. We invite everybody to support and participate ini many different role available. Read further info in English or Bahasa Indonesia

Top Artists

We collect videos and artworks of top Jogja Graffiti artists in this page. One page is definitely not enough to document so many talented persons in this glorious city, and the number of the artists and artworks are growing rapidly each day, even as we speak. However, we try to start with several great names who have been known well in the past several years. please give us feedback and input as what we know will never be complete.

ZENT PROZENT | YouTube Channel | Personal Website | Our Documentation

TUYULOVEME | Personal Website | Our Documentation

More to come.. (article writing is in progress)

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